Creating sustainable trade – KGH Sustainability programme

KGH plays an important role in international trade and we are determined to continue contributing to sustainable growth – for our stakeholders, for ourselves and for the society we are a part of. Below you can learn more about KGH sustainability programme. The programme expresses our focus areas, the sustainability goals we want to contribute to, and how we achieve those.

Trade is vital to sustainable growth

Economic growth based on increased international trade is a prerequisite for many of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Facilitating trade is also KGH mission. It lies in our legacy for 50 years and is our driving force forward. The solutions we provide help our customers prosper in a responsible, sustainable way by aiding them in accessing new markets and improving performance in existing ones. As we grow, so does our ability to improve our services, to enable us to work together for sustainable growth.

A self-strengthening circle

We @Matrix Link Customs Services believe everyone bears a responsibility to contribute towards a sustainable future. Matrix Link Customs Services has a history of having a facilitator role in the world of international trade, and we know from experience how ideas, engagement and action have a domino effect. That is why all action starts with the individual. However, engagement also creates a circle where societal change triggers individual engagement, which is why we see sustainability as a self-strengthening circle moving toward the future.